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Sadly, the final part of Lulu's debut episode is here. In this final part of her debut she turns the tables on us and asks where we decided to stop playing Final Fantasy games.

All this and more, in "My Hot Trash Daddy" by The Waffling Taylors.

Show Notes

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The final part of Lulu's debut episode sees her turning the tables on us, and asking us where we stopped playing Final Fantasy games.

And we ask Lulu for her gaming confession and unpopular gaming opinion. You'll have to listen to the episode to find out what they were.

Or you could check the show notes and let us know what your thoughts were on Lulu's debut episode. We'd love to have her back on, and your comments could help sway her to heading back to Cake Land.

All this and more, in "My Hot Trash Daddy" by The Waffling Taylors.

Full show notes can be found here:

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