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In this episode, we talk to Nick Disabato, the founder of an interaction design consultancy called Draft, to get his best advice for improving both your conversion rate and your mental health as an entrepreneur or business leader.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk to Nick Disabato, the founder of an interaction design consultancy called Draft.

We kick things off by reviewing Nick's approach to conversion rate optimization and coerce him into sharing some actionable advice for Ecommerce leaders who are looking to spin up their own CRO function or are looking to bring on external help.

Then, we talk about one of Nick's latest projects, a book called Finding Clarity in Uncertainty, that focuses on helping you manage stress and protect your mental health more effectively – and become a better steward of your life and business in the process.

So, if you're looking for a systematic approach to improving your website performance or some guidance on how to be more intentional about self-care so that you can optimize your personal performance, this is the episode for you.

Here are a few resources that we covered:
  1. Draft's Website
  2. Draft's Case Studies
  3. Nick's Trello Board Template
  4. Draft Revise – Nick's Flagship Service
  5. Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal
  6. Finding Clarity in Uncertainty by Nick Disabato
  7. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bonanza
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