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We were incredibly fortunate to be able to sit down with Michael Hermann, owner of Retrosoft Studios and the man who is bringing RetroMania Wrestling to life. We talk about the game, the games which inspired it, some of Michael's favourite wrestling games, and what you can expect from RetroMania Wrestling

Show Notes

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In this episode, we were incredibly lucky to have the chance to talk with Mike Hermann about his company's new game: RetroMania Wrestling, which is a wonderful throwback to the 2D arcade wrestling games of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. We talked to Mike about all his favourite wrestling games, the real stinkers, inspirations for the new title, and the expansive roster in RetroMania Wrestling.

We'd definitely recommend checking this game out because it looks like a lot of fun. Especially for those who like to play couch-based, multiplayer, pickup-and-play arcade games.

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