Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more)

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What are YOUR priorities in life?

Show Notes

When I heard of the tragedy of Kobe Bryant and his daughter's deaths, I was shocked in two major ways.

1. It was a heart buster as a father:
I have a young daughter and she means the world to me and our entire family.

2. I was a hell of a brainf*** as an entrepreneur/ high achiever (sorry for the language):
I mean - You can build all the success in the world - but then you'll die in a helicopter crash!

This was unreal! It was so much to process.

I called up a good friend and coach Talie Davis Weir and asked her what she thought - and she said "You know Sagi, we just have to cherish every moment of our life".

I connected to a recent podcast episode by Hal Elrod in which he talked about his priorities in life.

In this episode I talk about these things and tie them all together, and hopefully, it will give you some food for thought and more importantly - something to fire you up about in your own life!

What are YOUR priorities in life? Let me know what your insights were from this Kobe Bryant tragedy.

My condolences to all the families that were impacted by this terrible accident.

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