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In this episode, Christina Lael, a 2010 Nashville School of Law graduate, explains how her experience as a certified public accountant prompted her to attend law school. Her knowledge of the tax code and law degree allowed Christina to create a niche tax practice.

Show Notes

Christina Lael owns and operates Lael Tax, LLC, based in Fort Myers, Florida. Her business helps law firms and attorneys throughout the United States save money in taxes with her thorough knowledge of the United States tax code. Christina is a Certified Public Accountant in Tennessee and Florida and a licensed attorney in the state of Tennessee. 

Visit and sign up for the Lael Tax, LLC newsletter to receive a copy of a book chapter entitled Hidden Business Expenses. This chapter is written by Christina and will be included in a book co-authored by Christina about the tax code, called Thinking Outside the Tax Box. More details at You can email her directly at

Download the free "Lael Tax" app. Easily track your expenses, mileage and income in one app. Also includes financial calculators, tax information, financial news and much more!

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What is You are a Lawyer Podcast?

A podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law graduates who created their own paths.