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Advice for the Dreamers and why Hurling is so much better than Cricket

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss 
  • J-Lo’s marketing plan 
  • Epic Poses 
  • J-Lo is being very positive 
  • GK’s curse 
  • The boat anchor that is Justin Upton 
  • Advice for the dreamers 
  • Are they freaking out?  Swag says probably 
  • Wannabe tough guys 
  • Hair Dye 
  • HQ makes a comeback 
  • MLB goes international 
  • The Juiceless Crew shows incredible ignorance about Cricket 
  • …but Hurling - that sport is off the hook! 
  • Nigel - the British Cricket Psuedo Scout 
  • Listener feedback - we continue to make people angry 
  • The four C's 
  • Is Tim the actual Steve Philips 
  • Possible expansion owner meeting 
  • An ingenious way to eliminate curses 
“Vicious” - Lou Reed 
“Lightning’s Girl” - Nancy Sinatra 
“Hard Times” - Baby Huey 
“Rumble From The Void” - The Budos Band 

What is Atlas Balked?

Welcome to Atlas Balked, a weekly chronicle concerning the mundane, weird, and maybe even sometimes dramatic happenings of a Simple Fantasy Baseball League .

This podcast captures the thoughts and musings Gregg, Joe, Jack and Tim - four of the twelve owners in the league.