Full Stack Panic

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Craig Materick has been a web developer for 20 years. We talk about how he has managed a successful career and navigated the crazy pace of change.

Show Notes

Craig has more than 20 years of hands-on, technical experience and a passion for sharing his love of technology through mentoring and evangelizing. He has been part of two technology-based start-ups and worked in different capacities both in-house and consulting at small local to large global companies. During this time, he has sought opportunities to dive deep into the trending technologies including web development, e-commerce, mobile apps, data and analytics, data governance, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence both out of curiosity and the desire to become a well-rounded technology leader.

What is Full Stack Panic?

Full stack panic is that feeling you get when you read a JavaScript newsletter and don't recognize half of what's in it. Or when you keep hearing, "Nobody uses [RAILS, WORDPRESS, JQUERY] anymore we're all using [NEW HOTNESS] over here." Or when every job description seems to require a skill you don't have and the little voice in your head says, “I should know all of this. Do I even know what I'm doing?” The web moves fast. This podcast answers the question: how do you build a successful, happy and long-term career when the ground keeps shifting under your feet?