Uketropolis: Ukulele Q&A with James Hill

James interviews "Ukulele Funbook" author Zsolt Schäfer. Explore a world of purposeful silliness full of musical dice, u-doku, math-e-lele, tuneful paint-by-number and much more.

Show Notes

In Ukulele Funbook, author Zsolt Schäfer takes us into a world of imagination, creativity and, yes, silliness! Whether it's musical soup, ukulele sudoku, connect-the-dots or alternate tunings, every page of Ukulele Funbook is a chance to learn while you play and to play while you learn. A companion over the holidays, a reward at the end of class or a stress-free way to introduce musical concepts, Ukulele Funbook is the perfect complement to the Ukulele in the Classroom method. So grab your ukulele, sharpen your pencil and have fun!

Creators & Guests

James Hill
Founder of Four-string fever since forever.

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