26.1 AI Podcast

[Part 2 of 2] 

Listeners join in for a wonderful conversation in this episode. Our guests Matthew Rocklin and Hugo Bowne-Anderson are extending access to powerful distributed computing for more data users with their startup Coiled (https://coiled.io/). Data scientists with a two minute download of Coiled’s software (https://cloud.coiled.io/) can scale their work to the cloud. 

We discuss during the episode how conversations with the open source community resembles early customer conversations commonly used by entrepreneurs in a lean startup framework. Dask’s creator and Coiled founder Matthew described his software design approach that has a decided minimalist bent. A great benefit for users of popular Python libraries because of Matt’s approach is a familiar interface when using Dask or Coiled to extend the power of popular PyData stack tools. 

Our conversation turns to how Coiled has the capability to extend more computation power to many casual users of Python who are interested in solving data problems pragmatically without rebuilding a data factory every time. 

What is 26.1 AI Podcast?

Don Sheu and Brian Ray are friends with one mission: a podcast that covers interesting topics in AI. Don is a dotcom era flameout who was reborn in tech building Seattle's largest tech community; Brian is tech leader known globally as Python Engineer, Data Scientist, and AI Cloud expert. They have joined forces and are interviewing the most interesting practitioners in an emerging AI Space.