Top Priority | Ideas for Human Flourishing

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What is Civil Asset Forfeiture? Where did it come from? How does it hurt you and enrich the State? And most importantly, what is a viable path to reform? Answer to all these questions and more on episode 026 of Top Priority.

Show Notes

Show: 026 Top Priority Podcast | Civil Assest Forfeiture & Criminal Justice Reform 
Date Recorded: October 5, 2020 
Host: Duane Lester, Manager of Issue Education, Grassroots Leadership Academy 
Guests: Vikrant Reddy, Senior Fellow, Charles Koch Institute 
Greg Glod, Criminal Justice Reform Fellow, Americans for Prosperity  
Tyler Koteskey, Policy Analyst, Americans for Prosperity 
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What is Top Priority | Ideas for Human Flourishing?

We have a deep belief in people and promote ideas of human flourishing.

Top Priority is a collection of interactive, learning-oriented conversations on how the Stand Together Community engages with and advocates for solutions through the lens of our Community Vision: We transform society by breaking the internal and external barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential, enabling all people to improve their lives and find fulfillment by helping others do the same.

The Stand Together Community Vision is guided by four, mutually reinforcing principles: Equal Rights | Mutual Benefit | Openness | Self-Actualization

Explore the free and civil society through the lens of each of these four mutually reinforcing principles and stand together to help every person rise.

Top Priority is a production of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation's Grassroots Leadership Academy, where we make Human Flourishing a top priority.