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Coping with loss is an important part of rebuilding after traumatic brain injury, but it’s difficult to do with losses that aren’t well understood and recognized by society. Therapist Lori Weisman calls this “ambiguous loss.”

Show Notes

Therapist Lori Weisman has helped thousands of brain injury survivors rebuild their lives. In this two-part episode of Brain Injury Today, she joins Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Executive Director Deborah Crawley to discuss the term “ambiguous loss.” The two talk about why it is important for survivors and their loved ones to know this term and recognize it in their lives in order to move forward. Lori returns in Episode 8 to talk about finding hope and resilience amidst ambiguous loss.

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What is Brain Injury Today?

Brain Injury Today is the official podcast of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington. Join Executive Director Deborah Crawley for insightful and inspiring conversations from members of the brain injury community.