Vinoth Jayakumar of Molten Ventures talks about two of his focus areas within the firm, fintech and climate tech, and the reasons they're more interconnected than one might have thought.

Show Notes

Coming to Molten Ventures from the world of finance, management consulting, and angel investing, Vinoth focuses on the firm's investments in the sectors of fintech, insurtech, proptech, and climatetech.

In the interview for Podcast, Vinoth discusses his approach to fintech investments and the way he approaches the industry, looking for B2C companies that "bridge the trust chasm" and B2B ones that build the fundamental infrastructure for people's interactions with money. In addition to that, he talks about Europe's prospects as a climate tech powerhouse, the value chain of VC, and the benefits of lateral thinking.

To hear all this and more, check out the Podcast episode with Molten Ventures' Vinoth Jayakumar.

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