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This week we have our friend Cassandra sharing her story.

Show Notes

This week we have our friend Cassandra sharing her story. She talks about coming from an alcoholic family of origin in which she survived multiple abuses in and out of the home. The violence she encountered led her into a mindset of hating men for long periods of her life. Today she works diligently on her family, recovery, health, and being of use to other people on the road of recovery. She attends different fellowships to continue her work of self discovery, growth and to stay connected to solutions. I am grateful to be connected to her and I never stop learning when she speaks. Thank you Cassandra!

What is Voices In Recovery Podcast?

Stories from survivors and warriors living in the world of recovery. We can and do recover in many different ways and these stories are from incredible humans living their second, third, hundredth lives. Tune in for a laugh, a cry, and some information you may not have had yesterday.