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In this episode, I discuss some of the tidbits from Google's testimony at the 'Online Platforms & Market Power' hearings.

Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss some of the tidbits of information that have been uncovered during the recent 'Online Platforms & Market Power' hearings. I talk about some of the possible implications we can infer from the documents, and give my own personal view on the subject.

- The documents are on average around 10 years old so we have been underestimating the abilities of Google for years.
- Google has either lied or purposely omitted information about data usage for years.
- Google uses click data, search data, tab data, view data & more as part of search & verticals to 'give them an unfair advantage'.
- The documents discuss the ability to segment users into groups to help better personalize search and vertical results.
- Personalization can help give you better results, but can also be used to keep you in a filter bubble to increase advertising profits.
- Documents confirm 'author rankings' as being a necessary move for core rankings, meaning it's probably still a factor.
- The search liaison team is probably laughing at SEOs with how much they have lied about, and it's time to stop listening to them.
- How over-reliance on data, beyond basic personalization, is, in my opinion, turning Google into a popularity engine.

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