Just Between Coaches

After suffering a tragic loss, Katja Rusanen discovered that her story was the key to her future. And from that, she now guides coaches in telling their own stories — to help market their businesses and empower their clients for greater transformation.

Show Notes

Dr. Katja Rusanen is a spiritual counselor, story coach, and author with a doctoral degree in Spiritual Science.

In this episode Melinda and Katja talk about:
  • Katja’s origin story and the importance of having one
  • The value of both big and small stories
  • How stories connect you to your audience
  • Choosing what and what not to reveal of yourself 
  • Finding the courage to tell vulnerable stories
  • The three types of stories every coach needs to tell
  • Identifying other stories from your life experiences
  • When and how to update your stories as your life and business evolve

“Every coach and healer needs to have an origin story. How did you get started to do what you do?”Katja Rusanen

Dr. Katja Rusanen is a #1 best-selling author, spiritual counselor, and story coach. With more than a decade of experience in her field, she is dedicated to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs overcome the limiting inner stories that have been holding them back from achieving their full potential. Katja's pragmatic approach, combined with her spiritual awareness, enables her clients to get results fast. Her Doctoral degree in Spiritual Science and two Master's degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Science have equipped her with a deep understanding of human behavior, the power of the mind, and the perspective of the Soul. This knowledge has allowed her to break free from her past and guide her clients toward a more fulfilling life.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
Coaches Console
Melinda’s book: The Confident Coach
Katja’s website: KatjaRusanen.com
Katja’s free guide, 3 Inner Stories That Block Coaches and Healer from Six Figures: https://page.co/rt1y2e
Katja’s podcast, The Path to Purpose: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtj0pCimt8mSiO5PIpd-wYO4xKMY53YC3

For show notes, visit Storytelling in Coaching (Katja Rusanen)

Host: Melinda Cohan
Producer: Michi Lantz
Supervising Producer: Cynthia Lamb
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Dr. Katja Rusanen
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What is Just Between Coaches?

Where do coaches turn when they face a difficult situation with a client? Quite often, when coaching challenges arise, they reach out to a coach more senior than themselves. That’s the aim of Just Between Coaches — to be that trusted source of guidance for the coaching community.

Hosted by Melinda Cohan, coach and creator of The Coaches Console business management system, Just Between Coaches will answer the tough questions that coaches face every day. For example, what can I do if my client is lying? How do I deal with price resistance from prospects and clients? What if I want to fire a coaching client? And what the heck is a feeder course and why should I care?

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