The Business of Open Source

Nicolas Höning is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seita, an open-source energy optimization and digitalization company. Nicolas took an unconventional path to founding an open-source startup, and throughout this episode he describes how creating a greener world through open-source software is more than a business endeavor for him - it’s a personal mission. Nicolas describes perfectly the challenges that open-source founders face, and is transparent on the decisions he’s still weighing when it comes to choosing an open-source product model and the benefits and challenges of being a boot-strapped startup. I was particularly interested to learn how his company’s project, V2G Liberty, helps individuals who are looking for a greener way to optimize the charging of their electric vehicles, and why Nicolas doesn’t market his other products to individual users.

  • I introduce Nicolas Höning, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seita, an open-source energy digitalization company (01:00)
  • Nicolas describes the unique nature of building open-source software for the energy sector (03:34)
  • How Nicolas wound up developing software for the energy sector (05:30)
  • The mission at Seita and how it’s also reflected personally in Nicolas’ life mission (06:57)
  • Why open-source was an important part of the delivery of Seita’s mission (09:25)
  • Nicolas describes the challenge of identifying his users and customers (11:28)
  • Why Nicolas doesn’t focus on individual users (14:36)
  • Nicolas describes his project V2G Liberty, which helps individuals optimize their EV charging (17:42)
  • How Nicolas initially funded Seita and his commercial strategy moving forward (19:51)
  • Why Seita launched a commercial product before launching an open-source project (23:30)
  • What Nicolas has been considering when deciding between an open core and open source product model (26:35)
  • The biggest challenge Nicolas is facing right now at Seita (32:43)
  • How listeners can connect with Nicolas and learn more (33:57)


What is The Business of Open Source?

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