In this episode of NIL4U, we sit down with Sivonnia DeBarros, the Protector of Athletes®, a trailblazing first-generation lawyer and former Division 1 track and field athlete. With her extensive experience in law and a deep passion for supporting athletes, women, and first-generation business owners, DeBarros shares her insights on creating lasting legacies, the importance of proper legal guidance, and navigating the complexities of the NIL era.

Welcome to the NIL4U Podcast, an enlightening journey into the world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), brought to you by SportsE Media.

Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Sivonnia DeBarros's unique journey from Division 1 athlete to a leading legal expert and advocate for athletes.
  • Representation of professional athletes across NFL, MLS, NBA-G League, and more; and how to protect their interests and legacies.
  • The creation of Athletes Making Moves™ and NILCOMBINE™, initiatives aimed at educating and empowering athletes in the NIL space.
  • DeBarros's role in public speaking, her best-selling publications including "What Are You Sporting About?" and "Athletes Making Moves," and her children's book series, JoJo’s Legal Adventures.
  • Insights on the challenges faced by athletes, women, and first-generation business owners and how DeBarros's work is making a difference.
  • DeBarros’s contributions to legal literature and her mission to educate on sports legal issues through her podcast, What Are You Sporting About?®.
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What is NIL4U?

Hosted by two renowned figures in the NIL space, Rob Finklestein and Trent M. Clark, this podcast dives deep into the dynamic intersection of sports, business, and personal branding. Rob Finklestein, the founder and CEO of Alumni Direct, brings his expertise from leading “Athletes Entrepreneurs: The Alumni Journey,” a podcast that sheds light on athletes transitioning from sports to the business realm. Trent M. Clark, a 3x World Series champion and CEO of AIM NIL Academy, complements the discussion with his profound insights from educating athletes about NIL systems and entrepreneurial strategies. He is also the voice behind the “Winners Find A Way” podcast, featuring interviews with notable athletes and business personalities.