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Classlist CEO Susan Burton talks with Jennifer Harrell, School Community Leader, Southbank International School about how expat life prepares one for a community leadership role. Particularly in the context of an international school.

Show Notes

Jennifer Harrell, held a career in finance and consulting sales before becoming a global nomad. She has lived in parts of South America, France and for the past four years in the UK. With each expat posting she has had to start again. Relocating, making new friends and settling her kids into new educational systems. It was her positive experience of settling into Southbank International school in London, that inspired her to help others and to take on a community leadership role as PTA Vice President and Secretary. As you will hear in this podcast, Jennifer and her committee have grown a truly thriving and inclusive school community. 

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. How Jennifer entered the wonderful world of PTAs and volunteering
  2. How Jennifer's expat experience influenced her?
  3. What were Jennifers biggest learnings about building and sustaining a community?
  4. What is the optimal balance between offline and online community building?
  5. What have been Jennifer's proudest achievements?

Jennifer’s favourite book and favourite podcast:
  • Avid follower of NPR and Radio Lab
  • Intelligence Squared: Queen Elizabeth 1 vs Queen Victoria, with Daisy Goodwin and Philippa Gregory

What is Community Expert Podcast?

Welcome to the Classlist CX - Community Expert podcast series. Where our aim is to inspire and guide you with insight and advice from our community of experts.

Throughout this series we share best practice from successful school community leaders. In addition we discuss possible career opportunities beyond the school gate. Last but not least we hear from leading speakers from the wider world of community.