The Premise

This episode takes you behind the curtain of the world of book buying and distribution with two long-time experts from Warwick’s Books in La Jolla California. Get out your pens, you’ll want to take notes.

Show Notes

Jeniffer and Chad chat with Warwick’s Director of Events, Julie Slavinsky and Book Buyer, Adrian Newell. They share insider knowledge and some fun anecdotes from their collective 45 years of experience in the industry. 
They uncover some long-held secrets of how books are chosen, how they end up in stores, and the role of book stores in an author's success. 
You’ll learn a bit of history on self-publishing, get a peek into the “Big Five” and other traditional publishing consortiums—And discover how much is still shrouded in mystery, even for those on the inside. 
IT IS  possible to get your indie book into popular book stores, you just have to know what it takes…and it takes a lot. But Julie and Adrian's invaluable tips will give you a leg up!

Creators & Guests

Jeniffer Thompson
Writer. Reader. Interviewer. Cohost of The Premise Podcast. I help authors build brands + websites. Cofounder of the San Diego Writers Festival. Chicken-mama.
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson, co-founder of Monkey C Media, offers professional photography and videography services. He has an eye for detail and a command of lighting that gives him the ability to show his subjects at their very best. You can count on seeing Chad around South Park on his bicycle with a camera slung over his shoulder. If he has never taken a picture of you, chances are good you have never met him.

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