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I interviewed Laura Park Figueroa, the host of the Mind your OT Business podcast, business coach, owner of Outdoor Kids OT, co-founder of the OT Entrepreneur Summit, and creator of the CONTIGO approach. She is paving the way for OTs to become entrepreneurs and in this episode, shares her insights about monetizing our value as OT practitioners by starting a business. She offers encouragement and practical tips for taking that next step toward being the best entrepreneur you can be.

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What is OT Uncorked?

OT Uncorked is a podcast for wine-loving OTs, pairing wine and hot topics in occupational therapy. Hosted by Miranda Rennie and featuring guests from the profession, OT Uncorked was created to learn from people doing ordinary and extraordinary work across OT settings and share resources with other practitioners. Miranda is an OT who is passionate about providing holistic care for people with neurologic conditions. She is a small-town East Coaster living in Los Angeles, CA. Miranda hopes you will join her in uncorking hot topics and wine, discovering what’s new and relevant in the profession!