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New Moon Magical Journey to UXmal Pyramid of the Magician

Show Notes

Taken from a Facebook Live. Join Akasha's list for notice of her next Virtual Live event.

Finish your journey in the pyramid where I got cut off, and we will see you tomorrow for the next step. I got you activated to the pyramid and embodying it, where we left off was when you were in the double pyramid (above and below) and accepting the invitation from the INNER SEER: the pyramid door is the door to your 3rd eye, and inside is your inner SEER that part of your INNER EYE that remembers who you are - it is the merged Higher self (Soul Star 8th chakra with your 7th/crown (ABUNDANCE) and 3rd eye6th). Here is what the inner SEER Asked you:

Are you willing to know the truth, especially about yourself, and not judge it?

Are you willing to let go of your self deceptions and ACCEPT yourself, so you can recognize our power of creation and master your magic again? 

Are you willing to trust your intuition, trust your gut, awaken your ability to perceive hidden realms, co create with elements? 

The Seer has gifted you the magic... you can read between the lines, understand what is not said, your vision is clear...  This is a moment of true power, will you say YES?

Are you willing to feel the pain and see the truth of yourself, and then release it, and ACCEPT your power?

Once you do, with a clear, loving open HEART... your EYES will open and you will regain the power to create with all life and receive light languages.

Your New Moon Journey has begun, blessings!

And join me for the rest of An Abundance Awakening over this next week.

on the top of the tallest Mayan Pyramid.

Facebook Live Video replay is also available.

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