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In this episode of Deep Dive, I sit down with Cal Newport the author of "Slow Productivity" and we explore the pitfalls of following your passion, the principles of deep work, and the balance between consistency and bursts of intensity when it comes to creative work. We also discuss balancing consistency with bursts of intensity, managing multiple projects, structuring your job to prevent burnout and the value of slow, deliberate efforts for long-term success. I hope you enjoy the episode :)

(00:00) The Concept of Slow Productivity and Deep Work
(11:16) Challenges of Following Your Passion
(28:02) Managing Multiple Projects 
(31:30) The Evolution of Creative Processes 
(31:59) Redefining Productivity
(38:29) Balancing Work and Life: Setting Boundaries and Managing Distractions
(43:21) Challenges and Insights of The Art of Writing

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Ali Abdaal
Amber Baxter-Clarke

What is Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal ?

Dr Ali Abdaal is the world’s most followed productivity expert and author of Feel-Good Productivity, the brand new book that reveals why the secret to productivity isn’t discipline, it’s joy. In his podcast, Deep Dive, Ali sits down with inspiring creators, thinkers, entrepreneurs and high performers to help listeners build lives that they love.

Ali’s cheerful style, positive approach, and well-researched content have made him a trusted voice when it comes to productivity. The internet means that we have access to more knowledge and information than ever before - but it can also be overwhelming. So, Ali and his expert guests focus on simple, scientifically proven, and actionable steps you can take to make real changes in your life.

Ali’s a firm believer that happiness isn’t the result of success - in fact, happiness is the key to success in the first place. Ali made this discovery while working as a doctor in a chaotic hospital ward. In the past, hard work had been the answer to every obstacle in his life. But no amount of hard work was going to combat panic and burnout.

So, Ali dedicated himself to figuring out a new approach to productivity - one that focuses on enjoying the journey and working towards truly meaningful goals. Deep Dive, with its authentic and engaging conversations, will give you all the insights you need to do just that.