Censor This

A primer on what exactly were the Video Nasties, and how the moral panic nurtured the the horror community.

Show Notes

Inspired by Prano Bailey-Bond's horror film Censor, The Final Girls present a mini-series dedicated to unpicking some of the many layers of this film and why it stuck with us.

In this third episode, Evolution of Horror host Mike Muncer and host Anna Bogutskaya discuss the context of the video nasties in 1980s Britain. Throughout the episode you'll hear from lead actress Niamh Algar, make-up and hair designer Ruth Pease and BBFC's Sarah Peacock.

The discussion is spoiler-free.

Censor This is produced by The Final Girls with the support of Vertigo Releasing. Edited by Olivia Graham. Music by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch used with permission.


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What is Censor This ?

A deep-dive mini series exploring the many layers of Prano Bailey-Bond's horror film, Censor.