Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty

In this episode we talk to a fountain of wisdom, John O’Connor about how stepping into fatherhood unlocks a capacity within ourselves that wasn’t available before, how much of the job of being a dad is actually the non-verbal communication that is transmitted body to body, and how as dads we can learn to lead from the back of the line as well as the front. 

John O’Connor is a Husband, Father and seasoned Executive Coach currently living Boulder Colorado . He has worked with thousands of clients over the 12 years, working with top-performing CEO’s, entrepreneurs and people on a mission to create change in the world. John is a Certified Master Coach and Certified NLP and Brain Based Leadership Trainer. He leverages his unique multi-disciplined approach helping people activate their potential and reach the next level in both their personal and professional lives.  

What is Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty?

Fatherhood is the biggest rite of passage in a man’s life, and our biggest opportunity to grow up, wake up, and to learn who you actually are. This podcast is intended to be a lightning rod to call men to action, to create community, and to set a new tone and standard for what fatherhood means.