Autonomous IT

Navigate the complexities of IT automation with the Automate IT podcast, hosted by Automox’s David van Heerden. Each episode dives deep into automation strategies, expert insights, and actionable advice to simplify your IT operations. Explore the far-reaching capabilities of automation in IT and make Automate IT your go-to resource.

Creators & Guests

David Van Heerden
Meet David van Heerden, the host of the Automate IT podcast and your go-to guru for all things automation in IT. With a decade of scaling businesses and leading diverse teams, David brings a rich backdrop of knowledge to Automox. His episodes aren't mere conversations; they're journeys through the intricacies of IT automation, guided by his firsthand understanding of technology and team empowerment. David's approachable demeanor and genuine love for tech shine, offering listeners not just advice, but a mentor in navigating the complex landscape of IT operations.

What is Autonomous IT?

Go from monotonous to autonomous IT operations with this series. Hosts from Automox, the IT automation platform for modern organizations, will cover the latest IT trends; Patch Tuesday remediations; ways to save time with Worklets (pre-built scripts); reduce risk; slash complexity; and automate OS, third-party, and configuration updates on all your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Automate confidence everywhere with Automox.