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Over the past five years, what is the single biggest event that caused you to completely change your perspective?
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" Have you recognized your personal power and determined to live life on your own terms?
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The Professional Tumbleweed
Lonnee has lived the life of Pippi
Longstocking, sans the horse. A featured guest on both The Tyra Banks Show and The Steve Harvey Show, she has boldly broadcast hard-life stories for the benefit of others.
She is engaging, funny, and has diverse life experience in personal & spiritual studies, message angles, titling, publishing, writing, podcasting & book promotions - all of which converts to a win-win for clients.

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George Monty
My name is George Monty. I am the Owner of TrueLife (Podcast/media/ Channel) I’ve spent the last three in years building from the ground up an independent social media brandy that includes communications, content creation, community engagement, online classes in NLP, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Content creation. I feel so blessed to have reached the following milestones, over 81K hours of watch time, 5 million views, 8K subscribers, & over 60K downloads on the podcast!

What is TrueLife?

Greetings from the enigmatic realm of "The TrueLife Podcast: Unveiling Realities." Embark on an extraordinary journey through the uncharted territories of consciousness with me, the Founder of TrueLife Media. Fusing my background in experimental psychology and a passion for storytelling, I craft engaging content that explores the intricate threads of entrepreneurship, uncertainty, suffering, psychedelics, and evolution in the modern world.

Dive into the depths of human awareness as we unravel the mysteries of therapeutic psychedelics, coping with mental health issues, and the nuances of mindfulness practices. With over 600 captivating episodes and a strong community of over 30k YouTube subscribers, I weave a tapestry that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

In each episode, experience a psychedelic flair that unveils hidden histories, sparking thoughts that linger long after the final words. This thought-provoking podcast is not just a collection of conversations; it's a thrilling exploration of the mind, an invitation to expand your perceptions, and a quest to question the very fabric of reality.

Join me on this exhilarating thrill ride, where we discuss everything from the therapeutic use of psychedelics to the importance of mental health days. With two published books, including an international bestseller on Amazon, I've built a community that values intelligence, strength, and loyalty.

As a Founding Member of The Octopus Movement, a global network committed to positive change, I continually seek new challenges and opportunities to impact the world positively. Together, let's live a life worth living and explore the boundless possibilities that await in the ever-evolving landscape of "The TrueLife Podcast: Unveiling Realities."

Aloha, and welcome to a world where realities are uncovered, and consciousness takes center stage.