Therapy: Deconstructed

Your childhood experiences can elicit emotions and behaviors in your adult life. Many of us have characteristics that we brush off as being "just the way we are," or we may experience emotional responses and triggers to seemingly mundane activities. To get in touch with our feelings, we must challenge them, and attempt to gain insight into why we respond this way. If we can find the root cause of our emotional responses, we can give ourselves the grace, compassion, and understanding we need to heal and begin moving forward. You have the power to reclaim your self-worth and to stop letting your irrational emotions dictate your adult life. 

🎙️ Getting a cassette recorder as a gift: the sheer terror associated with the sound of Bonnie’s own voice. 01:06
👧 Our early experiences and our adult decision patterns: we are rationalizing behavior to cope with difficult emotions. 05:46
🤔 Procrastination and avoidance in recording a podcast: owning your voice vs. being silent. 08:01
😇 Scary things are leaving marks: we get upset about the behaviors, but there is insight behind that. 10:47
⚠️ Seeing things through the prism of fear evokes emotions: challenge your emotional responses. 11:56
🎯 Why is it so important to challenge some of your “I'm just that way” characteristics? 14:18
👉 Integrating the fear into your conscious mind: our sense of self-worth might get damaged by the ‘safety’ and fear issues we lived through. 16:12
🤓 Bonnie’s solution to her fear: you can’t fix it all in a day, but knowing the root cause will help you heal.  17:36
✨ Do you have something you would like to work on? 18:51

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What is Therapy: Deconstructed?

Society has led us to believe that therapy is for those with deep-seated issues and that it’s not for those of us who are “successful and stable”. The Therapy: Deconstructed podcast, hosted by Dr. Bonnie Wims, debunks the myths and societal beliefs about therapy and explains not only what therapy is, but also how it can help anyone who’s facing obstacles in their lives.

As a therapist, coach, and a UK Chartered Counseling Psychologist specializing in helping the global community, Dr. Bonnie has helped innumerable people get from where they are to where they’d like to be. She’s “your someone else” who is there for you when you need to bounce things off of so that you can better understand yourself. And she does it in a warm and intelligent style that’s peppered with levity.

Listen in each week to Dr. Wims if you’re therapy-curious and get answers to all your questions about what therapy is, what it is not, and how therapy may be the x-factor you’ve been searching for.