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Interview episode: How does city-centric music data get to you from the engineering perspective? @chartmetric #chartmetric #musicindustry #data #analysis #software #engineering #coding #interview #carnegiemellon #city #music

Show Notes

  • Highlights
    • Special interview episode: Why and how does city-centric music data help out the business?
  • Mission   
    • Good morning, it’s Jason and Komala here at Chartmetric usually with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists, and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
  • Date
    • This is your Data Dump for Wednesday, June 5th, 2019.
  • City-Level Music Data with Chartmetric software engineer Komala Prabhu
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  • Outro
    • That’s it for your Daily Data Dump for Wednesday, June 5th, 2019. This is Komala and Jason from Chartmetric.
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    • Happy Wednesday, see you tomorrow!

What is How Music Charts?

How Music Charts is the second season of Chartmetric's music industry + data podcast!

Season 1: "Your Music Data Dump" was 107 episodes of 3-minute, current event-focused episodes involving music data.
Season 2: "How Music Charts" is long-form & interview-driven with music industry guests focused on music & data today.

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