Marketing Mashup

I speak with the founder of the Marketing Meetup, Joe Glover, about the importance of building a community especially in trying times.

Show Notes

Joe Glover is the founder of The Marketing Meetup, a community of 14,000+ marketers across 14 locations in the UK and US, with monthly events, regular podcasts, workshops and loads more.

As with many founders, Joe created the Meetup as a solution to his need, which was to learn about his chosen craft and meet other marketers but in an environment which values listening and being positively lovely over sales and selfishness.

As a result of the success of The Marketing Meetup, he's also started his own agency - Empath Marketing - helping companies begin to see how the marketing department can be a value driver, rather than just a cost centre.

  • Intro to Joe
  • Let's talk about The Marketing Meetup which has scaled into this fantastic community of marketers with events across the country (and more). Tell me more about your mission "A positively lovely community for helping marketers get better at what they do."
  • Why is community so important? How do you make sure it's authentic and not just 'corporate community' that you mention in the Humans Come First podcast?
  • We're currently going through a period of extreme change and uncertainty, lots of people are worried for their livelihoods and their future. It's also a very important time for brands to respond in the right way. How can brands be kind and helpful with their marketing during this crisis?
  • How can we as marketers stay kind to one another? Can we do anything to help?
  • Due to the circumstances, you've had to adapt The Marketing Meetup. Can you talk me through some of the changes you've made to ensure the community stays strong?
  • Your content schedule for the next few months is fantastic, with a bunch of great events set up with people like Rory Sutherland and Dave Gerdhart. What is your process of coming up with new content and how do you ensure it's good quality and providing value for your community?
  • Following the success of the Meetup, you've set up your own agency. When did you know it was the right time to set up that agency and what do you offer for your clients?


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