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In this week's episode, Matt and Braden discuss how understanding our triggers can help us in kicking a porn addiction for good.

Show Notes

Welcome to episode #11! In this week's podcast, Braden and Matt discuss triggers and how they lead to porn use. Understanding what triggers are is an important component in getting free from porn as we need to be self-aware of the process we go through when battling an addiction.

Here is a brief summary of the episode.

What are 'triggers?'
Triggers are the first part of the addiction cycle. They are the catalyst of the process we embark on that leads towards porn. They incite a behavior in us that leads to a habitual pattern we often are not aware of. We react to triggers in a way that becomes second nature and we typically don't even think about what we are doing.

There are two kinds of triggers: Visual and Emotional
Triggers are either visual or emotional.  They might be a picture, a scene on TV, or a person we see. They could also be a feeling of rejection, boredom, disappointment, or loneliness, among other things. When the trigger is seen or felt and we don't have a healthy way to respond, the person with porn in their life reacts by acting out in this way.

When we stop to think about the 'why,' we can learn how to be proactive instead of reactive
Becoming aware of our triggers helps us to respond in a healthy way. If we can stop the addictive process before it starts we can re-wire our brains by responding in a healthy way and developing new neurological pathways. Knowing how to both plan ahead to avoid triggers and respond well when we encounter our triggers will lead to establishing healthier patterns in our lives and porn-free living.

Often we seek out our triggers because they are enticing
Pictures of beautiful people are enticing. Seeking something exciting when we feel down is enticing. When we are stimulated visually or emotionally we learn to cope with life by going to what stimulates us. We choose to go to places or put ourselves in harm's way thinking it won't really hurt us. The trigger leads to acting out later on, so by disciplining ourselves to stay away from triggers even though they're enticing, we're doing ourselves a huge favour. Seeking God to help us when we are feeling enticed is a key way to deal with triggers as we are then moving away from the areas that we are triggered or enticed in.

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Next week, Braden and Matt break down why its important for ministry leaders and pastors to be educated and know how to lead or direct someone battling addiction, specifically with pornography.

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Podcast Hosts
Braden is the Regional Director in Alberta for FamilyLife Canada. He has been married for 12 years to his wife Kristen, and they live in Edmonton, Alberta. He is passionate about seeing marriages grow and thrive, and helping couples move to a deeper oneness with one another and with God. FamilyLife Canada has a variety of resources and events to help you and your spouse take your marriage to the next level. See what would benefit you at www.familylifecanada.com

Matt and his wife Louise raise their little guy, David, in Edmonton, Alberta. He is honored to do what he can to tackle the epidemic of pornography and sexual perversion in every way possible. Seeing lives and marriages get free and experience the love of God in profound ways is what drives him every day. He leads Restored Ministries, is a certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team, and formerly played hockey in the WHL and for Hockey Canada. You can visit www.restoredministries.ca.

Faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn and find purpose in staying free forever.

What is Pure Victory Podcast?

Faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn, and find purpose in staying free forever.