Inspiring People & Places: Architecture, Engineering, And Construction

Are you looking for a way to foster focus, accountability, and discipline within your team? 
Curious about implementing a process that can ultimately lead to entrepreneurial freedom? 
Then don’t miss out on today’s Inspiring People & Places episode. Joining BJ today is Mark O’Donnell. 
Mark is a Professional EOS® Implementer, coach, facilitator, seasoned business professional, and US Air Force Veteran. He is currently the Visionary and CEO at EOS®, and he’s here today to talk to us about his experience at the company. 
We learn more about the who behind Mark O’Donnell and his career journey. He also sheds light on Gino Wickman’s original vision for EOS®, the journey since its inception, and Gino’s eventual exit. 
To hear the cliff notes version of the EOS® process, his most-rated book recommendations, and more, don’t miss out. 
Thanks for listening!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   Gino Wickman’s original vision for EOS®.
•   EOS as being designed around entrepreneurial freedom. 
•   Mark details his experience taking over as Visionary, from a founder so intimately involved with the product.
“EOS® is really a philosophy.” — MarkO_Donnell
“EOS®, from the beginning, has been designed around entrepreneurial freedom. The value being assigned to your individual freedom over the value of a business.” — MarkO_Donnell
“Oftentimes, the best EOS® implementers are tired, burnt-out entrepreneurs.” — MarkO_Donnell
“Train resilience, grit, and perseverance and understand that your habits create your future.” — MarkO_Donnell

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