Lab Medicine Rounds

In this episode, Loralie Langman, Ph.D., Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic and consultant in the Division of Clinical Biochemistry at Mayo Clinic, discusses laboratory detection of opioids.

Show Notes

Time Stamps

00:00 Podcast Intro

00:40 Why is it important for a laboratory to detect or quantify opioids?

02:00 What are the challenges you have had to navigate in the laboratory specific to opioids?

04:47 Is it like a pregnancy test or is it important to quantify as well?

05:19 Can you help us understand how you collaborate with other health care professionals? 

07:07 In terms of new or illicit street drugs, are you having to constantly design new tests to detect these things?

07:53 Can you elaborate a little about that collaboration with law enforcement?

09:07 Are you also periodically going to testify in court on cases?

09:35 What do you think the future of opioid testing looks like?

12:25 Outro 

What is Lab Medicine Rounds?

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