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Captain Casual is Here! Here’s the punchline… this man died in 2015 and woke up as Captain Casual. Literally.

From the high stress world of finance to changing the world with his art and fashion, today we welcome Captain Casual to the show. We talk about his sudden death and how it drastically changed his priorities in life. Often life changing events give us the opportunity to discover perspective about life and life’s many mysteries. Captain Casual blends artistic styles and inspirations for a truly unique approach to pop art and urban graffiti. Listen in and find out why and how this man is a changed man and will spend the rest of his life spreading happiness.

PS: Mark your calendars to attend his show on March 31st in Dallas at the Cerulean Gallery Art Exhibition! Find more information below!

Find Captain Casual!
IG: @captaincasual

Capatin Casual's Art Exhibit
Location: Cerulean Gallery Art Exhibition
Date: March 31st 5pm-8pm

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