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Kyle Evans and Roni Burgener talk about mentorship, career advice, finding your passion, and navigating sexism and discrimination in the workplace. Along with building relationships and trust as you start your career. Join us for a great conversation!

Show Notes

Finding a mentor is critical for your career, but it's a lot like dating--you can't force it. Eventually you'll both know and you'll develop a relationship and friendship that works for both of you. We discuss the importance of mentors and mentorship and how to find the right mentor. 

We also talk about:
  • Dealing with sexism and discrimination, both blatant and subtle, and learning how to handle it and change it
  • Building relationships of trust to foster open and honest feedback and communication 
  • Finding your passion throughout your career
Join us for a great conversation for anyone in product management, UX, technology, or working on advancing their career. 

Roni Burgener:
Roni is a biological and chemical engineering grad with dog years of experience in her first four years in tech. After bouncing around between several companies and roles in tech - she has landed as an engineer at Comcast. When she’s not working she’s either creating content for her podcast Big Girl Money, cooking, or at happy hour with her girlfriends. She lives in Arvada, Colorado with her soon to be husband and two dogs.

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