Faith & Fellowship

What was in the heart of Jesus? To understand the teachings of Jesus it helps to know what the daily life was like for Jesus and what his surroundings were like. These things had profound influence on his teachings and why he chose certain things to teach on.

What is Faith & Fellowship?

St. Patrick Catholic Community is a community of Christian Disciples in Mission seeking to know, love, and serve God. We gather to hear God’s Word, feast at the table of the Lord, and then be sent forth empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are living beyond Sunday, seeking to encounter all people with an openness to hear their stories, inviting them into their spiritual home, walking together on a journey to deepen our relationship with God. Our podcasts extend this mission as an inclusive voice to reach people where they are. Through this show, we evangelize and engage by helping people contemplate, reflect, and participate in their faith beyond Sunday. With spreakers, teachings, events and more that are open, vibrant, active, accessible, and welcoming, we share that the church is alive.