What She Said!

This week my first guest is Dr. Prachi Srivastava, who will be joining me monthly until June to discuss the state of education in Ontario. Prachi will be sharing facts and data on everything from financing to school governance, and how it impacts the education our kids receive. In June, we’ll take a look at each political parties education platform and how it will move the needle or not. Today we talk about equity issues in the public system and three ways we can improve education for everyone.

Anne Brodie joins us twice on this week’s show. First up, Anne is back for our weekly round up of new movies and shows which includes Parallel Mothers with Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp in Minamata, and Liam Neeson doing what Liam Neeson does best, kicking butt and taking names in Blacklight.

Devon Girard is one of the incredible women behind the curtain at Northumberland CFDC helping to pull together Strike Up 2022, a virtual conference connecting women entrepreneurs across Canada to one another. Devon joins me now to share what we can expect from this conference that blew everyone away last year with its incredible lineup and topics.

Jane Rusciolelli is an elementary school teacher who specializes in Health and Physical Education. She is also the author of The Great I Am for kids that provides Daily affirmations for kids designed to affirm, inspire and honour their true GREATNESS! Jane joins me now to share the why behind her book and how it’s helping kids everywhere embrace their inner greatness from A to Z.

Finally, it’s a rarity to have a gentleman join us here on What She Said but I will always make an exception for someone like Colin Mochrie. A true Canadian icon, Colin has been making Canadians laugh for decades now, and joins Anne Brodie to discuss his newest venture on Amazon Prime called Last One Laughing.

What is What She Said!?

Candace Sampson hosts What She Said! This one hour show aims to inspire and uplift women by giving them a voice in pursuing their professional and personal goals through showcasing successful women, as well as those who support women’s interests, and by creating opportunities for others to do the same.