Run Like a Woman

Successful children's author Susannah McFarlane always knew she was adopted. But when her birth mother contacted her – when Susannah was almost 50 – she discovered there was a lot more to unearth about her own origin story.

Show Notes

Susannah McFarlane is one of Australia's most respected children's book authors. Her books and series – including EJ12 Girl Hero, EJ Spy School, Boy vs Beast and D-Bot Squad – have sold over a million copies in Australia alone.

But not even Susannah could have scripted the plot of her own life story. 

She went from being the "unwanted baby", to meeting her birth mother at age 50. And then she experienced another, even deeper, reunion.

Susannah has shared her powerful story on Sunrise, TODAY, Radio National and ABC Radio and TV. But in this episode, she gives Run Like A Woman listeners the full inside story.

Top Two
Bec – Fairytales for Fiesty Girls by Susannah McFarlane
Penny – Heartlines – The Year I Met My Other Mother by Susannah McFarlane and Robin Leuba; Grumble Boats by Susannah McFarlane and Tamsin Ainslie

Susannah mentioned The Tree of Life film by director Terrence Malick (actually, Susannah called it "The Tree of Man", but we get you, Susannah!)

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