Between the Spreadsheets

The story of how Slisha and Anubh met, fell in love, married and more of their inspiring story of disrupting the engagement ring business together. And just how they successfully integrate it all.

Show Notes

We recorded this Episode with Slisha Kankariya and Anubh Shah from With Clarity on a call to their New York offices at the end of January this year and as it goes out at today on 7th April 2020 it is incredible to see how much the world has changed within those few weeks. And whilst everything is different we hope you enjoy hearing their story of meeting, falling in love and that moment when Anubh talked to Slisha about going in to business together. 

Slisha and Anubh met in 2013 and went on to create their company together where they’re disrupting the engagement ring business and it’s fascinating. But whilst they were building a future together and had the same goals they experienced so many challenges that they almost stopped before they really got started. 

They share a big challenge with us around convincing investors that couples make good founders... and they tell us how they addressed this and what happened next. And as we all find ourselves working from home and integrating all facets of our lives there are definitely some learnings from this story to take away. 

With Clarity were recently voted the 18th fastest growing company in the US by Inc Magazine and number 3 in New York City by Cain’s New york business Fast 50 list. Phenomenal growth in such a short period….

We hope you enjoy this Episode and the love, warmth, focus, drive and innovation that Slisha and Anubh show in all they do.  

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What is Between the Spreadsheets?

Tricia Bacon, founder of Couplepreneurs - a growing global community of couples who live together and run a business together - speaks to inspirational couples about just how they juggle work, life, love and everything in between.