Ecommerce Marketing School with Ben Jabbawy

What does it take to get over 1 million customers? For Chris Ratterman, Founder and CEO of Shady Rays, it’s about so much more than selling sunglasses. On today’s episode of Brand Builders with Attentive’s Brooke Burdge, he shares why they’re obsessive about keeping customers happy, why being defensive is never the answer, and how they’ve built a purpose-driven brand from day 1.

Show Notes

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What is Ecommerce Marketing School with Ben Jabbawy?

Privy presents Ecommerce Marketing School with Ben Jabbawy. A daily podcast to help you scale your Shopify store from $0-$1M in sales. Every weekday, Ben shares quick, 5-minute tips he's learned helping hundreds of thousands of Shopify brands just like yours. So you can steal what's worked and get the tactical advice you need to grow your brand.