The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends

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We talk to Ben about living in a household full of athletes, how he met his wife, how the proposal went down, and the birth of his beautiful daughter. We learn about the training programs has available and his love for programming. We also touch on his criticism of how programming was done at some sanctionals, and was surprised to hear that there is now a professional organization representing the athletes, something Ben had been trying to do for years. We finish talking about his games experiences and finish up with his victory at the 2015 CrossFit Games plus a whole lot more.

What is The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends?

I am an average Joe who loves to do Functional Fitness, loves fitness as a sport. I started my journey at over 500 lbs have lost over 200 lbs and struggle with weight everyday. This is my journey of healthy living and exercising in a larger body. My Friends Amy Rudawsky, Charlie Otey and Cat Scherer and I talk with people in and around the sport of fitness as well as share our opinions about the news of the day.