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How often do you allow yourself to sit in silence? Do you have to have noise around you at all times? What if spending more time in silence could improve your blood pressure, your anxiety, your creativity, and more? On this episode of Vitality Radio, Jared shares his new favorite book and his personal experience with making time for silence in his life. You’ll learn how silence can benefit you and how to turn down the noise pollution in your own life. Jared also reflects on some of his favorite learnings from 2023 and how to apply them this year and beyond. 

Methylene Blue

Additional Information:
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What is Vitality Radio Podcast with Jared St. Clair?

What is the best supplement for me? What potency is right? What does the research show? Is it worth the money? These and all of your other supplement questions are answered here. Jared St. Clair brings well researched information so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your health, specifically focused on how to effectively use natural supplements to optimize your health and Vitality. Of course supplement and food choices aren't the only factors in optimal health. Jared also shares a regular series of Emotional Vitality episodes that will help you release the negativity that may be holding you back and embrace your full potential. Vitality Radio is not JUST about health, it is about HEALTH FREEDOM. Jared provides needed insight into the current threats to your health as well as the threats coming from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine as a whole. With over 35 years of experience in the natural products world, and a hearty dose of wit and sarcasm, Vitality Radio isn't just educational but entertaining and enlightening.