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Welcome to the CRO Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, we delve into the dynamic world of revenue enablement with special guest Teri Long, VP of Sales and Revenue Enablement at Mindtickle. Throughout our conversation, we explore Teri's fascinating career journey and her passion for driving success in organizations. We also discuss the evolving role of sales and revenue enablement in the context of changing buyer behaviors and the enduring importance of human interaction in sales. Join us as we dive into the critical impact of revenue enablement, the alignment with the Chief Revenue Officer, the relationship with revenue operations, and the potential shifts in sales enablement. Be prepared for insightful discussions, personal anecdotes, and valuable perspectives on the future of sales and revenue enablement.

00:51 Warren Zena CEO CRO Collective shares experiences.
03:11 Content enablement evolves, changes direction, optimizes experience.
08:24 Metrics don't always reflect true health.
11:28 Struggle with client communication leads to misunderstandings.
14:20 Disruptive questions slow down sales process.
17:48 Incentives drive different behavior in sales and CS.
22:02 Revenue enablement vs sales enablement as threat.
22:57 Discussion about why CROs shouldn't run sales. Inquire about Terry Long's diverse background and journey to revenue enablement.
28:43 Embraced failure, built success, and networked consistently.
29:27 Exciting problem-solving and helping people succeed.
34:35 Interacting personally builds strong character and skills.
38:23 Texting sales and prospecting, digital presence key.
41:19 Generation gap affects communication in sales.
44:51 COVID changed human interaction and sales dynamics.
48:34 Challenging physical and mental feats for self-validation.
49:30 Personal achievement through discipline, impressed kids.

What is CRO Spotlight?

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Welcome to the CRO Spotlight podcast, a weekly show featuring insights from Chief Revenue Officers, B2B Revenue Leaders and CEOs. Hosted by Warren Zenna, Founder and CEO of The CRO Collective, the show goes deep behind the scenes with the people who have been there, done that and have seen the results. The CRO Spotlight Podcast is an open, free-form conversation that digs into real issues that Revenue Leaders and CROs grapple with everyday.