Reputation Matters

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Today, we’re joined by the founder and CEO of Yonder, Jonathan Morgan. Yonder is an AI company that helps companies navigate factions that may be working against them, and Jonathon is here to tell us how it all works.

Show Notes

Jonathon Morgan is a technologist, entrepreneur, and founder, and CEO of Yonder. Here he leads a team that helps communicators discover the hidden online groups that spread misinformation and shape public opinion.

His career has spanned media, technology, AI, national security, and social impact. Prior to Yonder, he founded Data for Democracy, a 4,000 member, grassroots collective focused on data projects for social impact.

As a researcher, Jonathan developed new machine learning technologies with DARPA, analyzed online radicalization for the Brookings Institution, and was an advisor to the US State Department. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Reputation Matters:

  • How Yonder helps brands protect themselves online
  • The most important aspects of reputation management
  • Why you need to be proactive instead of reactive with your online reputation
  • How Yonder calculates how impactful posts will be on the overall narrative 
  • The political nature of Covid-19 and how brands should respond to this
  • The power of making a post ‘trend’ and how to shape public beliefs
  • How people’s trust has shifted from government to businesses
  • The importance of data and the danger of emotions


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What is Reputation Matters?

The Reputation Matters podcast will feature business owners and marketers to talk all about reputation management - the good and the bad. We’ll talk all about the obvious, and not so obvious, strategies people can use to improve the online reputation. We’ll also share examples of businesses that have done a great job of managing their reputation, and some that haven’t, so you can learn more about how and why to keep the reputation of your business in great shape.