Serious about sustainability

Decarbonising social housing with Ecodan.

Show Notes

In this episode, Ecodan’s Russell Dean is in conversation with Architect and Ecodan Ambassador George Clarke, and James Mealing, ex-Director at Blueflame. James discusses his 15 years of experience with renewable energy and installing air source heat pumps for social housing developments. James highlights getting the fundamentals right for a successful social housing heat pump project. The group discusses running costs compared with oil and gas boilers, the funding streams available to UK housing associations and what a long-term approach towards healthier homes will mean for tenant wellbeing.

This episode was recorded on the 6th of September 2022.

1:00 / James Mealing
4:07 / How heat pump technology has improved
8:00 / User-friendly controls
9:37 / The perfect Ecodan set-up
10:35 / Getting it right for social housing 
13:28 / Social housing providers adopting green technology
16:35 / ASHP runnings costs compared with oil and gas 
18:24 / Village hall visits for ASHP education
23:40 / Funding streams for social housing
37:13 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
37:39 / Advise for housing associations 
41:15 / 24/7 homeowner helpline
43:50 / Using AI to future monitor
45:50 / Heat as a service
59:30 / Healthy homes for tenants

What is Serious about sustainability?

Serious about sustainability is a podcast series brought to you by Mitsubishi Electric's Ecodan – air source heat pump. Through a series of guest interviews including architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke, the podcast series covers a range of topics, from the perspective of UK homeowners, self-builders, contractors, and housing associations. The show promotes greater awareness of renewable, heat pump technology, helping to build a sustainable, zero-carbon future for home heating.