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This month's special #APSVibecheck Podcast episode features live conversations from the GITEX AFRICA Morocco tech startup showcase, which shone a spotlight on the collective technological progress of Morocco, the Middle East and the Africa as a whole. We caught up with Co-founder and CEO of Impact Lab Africa, Salma Kabbaj, Africa Editor at Rest of World, David Adeleke, Reporter at Techcrunch, Tage Kene-Okafor, Founder of Autochek, Nizar Abdallaoui Maane, and Mayokun Fadeyibi and Etop Ikpe, CEO and COO of Autochek, to give us their thoughts on the lay of the land in Morocco. 

💡 Top 5 insights unpacked in the episode: 
  • The investment potential of Morocco's early-stage startup scene [2:37]
  • Understanding foreign participation in Africa's startup ecosystem [22:09]
  • Autochek's business model [31:08]
  • Unique aspects of the Moroccan market in relation to their sub-Saharan counterparts [31:16
  • Oversimplifications and misconceptions about the Moroccan tech ecosystem [35:55]

Tell us...
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  • What topic would you like for us to feature on a future podcast?
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