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This is Sports and More where almost anything goes, we mostly stay away from politics and always steer clear of religion (sports gods don’t count) but from sports to pop culture and in between it’s all fair game!

Show Notes

Mark Pysyk was the first ever bantam draft pick of the modern day Edmonton Oil Kings and he would go on to help them win a WHL Championship 5 years after they rejoined the league. He has spent 8 years in the NHL, split between Buffalo and Florida before signing with Dallas this odd off season. We discussed being a UFA for the first time, hockey and life in a bubble, the Florida hockey scene as well as his time with the Oil Kings. We also did word association with some of his teammates during his career. Mark is a great guy who always had time to chat as a player and it was great to catch up.

The Weekly Tribute is to Rob and Grace Zittlau who tragically lost their lives last weekend in an auto accident. Rob was the man behind ICU Video, a production company that had a massive impact on amateur sports in Edmonton and throughout the province and country. He was a tireless worker and a perfectionist of the best kind. His drive, ingenuity and spirit will be missed along with his beautiful wife Grace. The Top 3 presented by Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is about the 3 dumb things people do in horror movies. The UFFS poll question is your favourite Oil King memory and in Perfect Player it's horror villains!!!!

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What is Sports & More?

We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.