Leadership Lessons From The Great Books

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus with Claire Chandler
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • On the Logic of Suicide
  • The Greek Myth of Sisyphus
  • Defining Absurdity Upward
  • The Absurdity of Don Juan
  • The Literary Life of Albert Camus
  • Self-Leadership, Alignment, and Orientation for Leaders
  • Atheistic Morality and Its Discontents
  • Fatalism and The Struggle for Hope in a Post-Modern World
  • Cult of Personality and Leadership Impacts
  • Thinking Ourselves Out of Existence Creates Vaccums We Fill With Monsters
  • Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven
  • "My First Thought Was, He Lied in Every Word."
  • The Meaning Crisis in Leadership, In The West, and In The United States
  • The Power of Lucid Indifference
  • Meaning and Evil in the West
  • Poorly Defended by a Small Philosophy
  • Artificial Intelligence to LSD: A Continuum
  • Robert Hartmann and the Nazi Machine
  • The Absurd Man and The Clearing At the End of the Path of Absurdity
  • Trolls, The Dark Triad, and Battling Malignant Narcissists
  • Staying on the Path
  • Close
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Claire Chandler
Leadership therapist to CHROs of large, complex organizations
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What is Leadership Lessons From The Great Books?

Because understanding great literature is better than trying to read and understand (yet) another business book, Leadership Lessons From The Great Books leverages insights from the GREAT BOOKS of the Western canon to explain, dissect, and analyze leadership best practices for the post-modern leader.