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Evan Mandery is a professor, lawyer, (former standup comedian!) and the author of eight books. 

His latest work, Poison Ivy: How Elite Colleges Divide Us is available for purchase at all reputable (and even some disreputable) booksellers. I highly recommend you go out and pick up a copy of this important book.  

Evan is one of those rare polymathic types from whom you can learn just about anything. An expert on capital punishment, he can easily expound on law, fiction writing, comedy, mindfulness, running, higher education, poker, and politics. 

From this episode you’ll learn…

Evan’s definition of a UNIVERSITY, and whether or not it is, in its current state, still identifiable with that definition; the benefits of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION; how wasteful most college sports teams really are; why we should loathe lacrosse; the problem with LEGACY admissions; what’s going on with administrative bloat; what to do about CANCEL CULTURE on campus; if Donald Trump’s indictment is serious; if the ex-president will go to jail?; how to write a work of fiction; how to survive as a Classical Liberal in WOKE academia; how elite universities exacerbate INEQUALITY in America; if the Ivy League Brand has lost its appeal; if Stanford has permanently sullied its reputation…

And MUCH more! 

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