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Dr. Mark Stetter’s career has revolved around working with animals – from beluga whales to gorillas to dogs. While working at Disney, he pioneered the first on-show veterinary hospital, allowing visitors to watch live procedures happen at Animal Kingdom. During his tenure as Dean of CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, he brought forward the concept of an on-show clinic for companion animal veterinary medicine – now that first-of-its-kind clinic will open at CSU Spur in January 2022.

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What is CSU Spur of the Moment?

The challenges ahead of our globe in feeding the rising global population with finite resources, will require new solutions and the next great minds. The CSU Spur of the Moment Podcast digs into the issues of food, water, and health by talking with people making a difference in these fields. The podcast comes to you from Colorado State University System's new Spur campus in Denver, where global challenges are addressed through research collaboration, where experiential education opens doors to understanding, and where we work everyday to inspire the next generation.