Hackers Incorporated

Adam just wrapped up a big hiring project at Tailwind Labs, adding both a new engineer and a new designer to the team. In this episode he talks through the process with Justin Jackson, founder of Transistor, to compare notes and record what worked, what didn't, and how he will approach hiring in the future after going through this process.

  • (00:00) - Talking hiring with Justin Jackson from Transistor
  • (01:05) - Adam's recent hiring project at Tailwind Labs
  • (02:00) - Justin's history with hiring at Transistor
  • (03:51) - How Transistor recruited their team
  • (05:48) - Background on Adam's hiring project
  • (16:54) - How to stand out as a candidate
  • (26:29) - Who applied at Tailwind Labs — and who didn't
  • (35:26) - Who ended up getting the offers
  • (39:28) - The interview process
  • (53:49) - Finding candidates, relationship building, and increasing luck surface area


Creators & Guests

Adam Wathan
Creator of Tailwind CSS.
Justin Jackson
⚡ Bootstrapping, podcasting, calm companies, business ethics. Co-founder of @transistorfm (podcast hosting).

What is Hackers Incorporated?

Ben Orenstein and Adam Wathan on surviving the transition from dev to founder.